Crash.Site Values to Providers

Ethical & Efficient Professionals

Personal Injury is a shared risk model with direct incentives for all members of a treatment team to collaborate on most efficiently diagnosing injuries and treating to maximal medical improvement and recovery. Care team performance and patient recovery are improved when all team members efficiently allocate and apply resources. MyPINetwork is committed to supporting  PI treatment Best Practices. Membership is limited.

Stress Test MRI using Tiltable MRI

We learned from standing myelograms that disc herniations and neural compression are larger during weight bearing and smaller when lying down in the postional of most MRI examinations. The advent of a Tiltable MRI allows MRI scanning in both upright and lying down positions. The lying down images and conventional MRI miss approximately 30% of significant abnormalities displayed on weight- bering images. Ask any patient- they are not surprised  by this information.

CrashWaves: Integrated Diagnosis Methods for Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can occur in many patients experiencing traumatic acceleration or deceleration of brain tissue and can affect multiple areas of executive or core functionality including emotions and rational thought or personality.

Meaningful Collaboration Platform

Efficient diagnosis and treatment requires coordination between all stakeholders: patient, providers, legal team and liability insurers. Each has their own specific information needs and data governance controls. The Meaningful Collaboration provides user role-based access controls and collaboration methods that facilitate collaboration of all stakeholders for the benefit of the injured person.

Performance and Satisfaction Metrics for Personal Injury

PIeRATE is a consumer rating methodology using subjective and objective metrics.

Everyone Gains when medical and legal care are efficient, appropriate and both patient and stakeholder friendly. PIeRATE allows all stakeholders: patients, attorneys, and providers to rate the objective and subjective performance of all stakeholders so they can improve and make important business decisions about what is in the best recovery interests of the injured person.

SHARE: SMART Healthcare Applications for Resourceful Exchange of Medical Information

SMART (Substitutable Medical Applications, Reusable Technology) is a standards based development methodology leveraging FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources). 

We are developing SMART applications for nuanced end user needs and for Meaningful Collaboration between legal and medical communities in a program SHARE.