Crash.Site Purposes and Commitments

Personal Injury Best Practices

The Personal Injury has the reputation for fraud and abuse and injured persons re-injured by unscrupulous medical and legal professionals organized in what are referred to as "PI Mills" organized to exploit insurance carriers and even their own patients by providing ineffective treatment or contingency contracts that benefit the professional more than the injured person. Crash.Course providers information for iinjured patients, medical providers, attorneys on how to recognise "PI Mills" and PI worst practices. 

White Hat Ethical Care for the Injured

Ethical medical providers are like drug free Tour de France Riders- it is hard to compete with professionals that cheat injured patients by a variety of kickbacks and corruption. We all pay for this corruption- guess who pays for the TV ads, the billboard and bus ads. Survival is difficult for ethical medical providers and attorneys. Support ethical professionals that ensure your recovery belongs to you.

Meaningful Collaboration Paltform

Efficient diagnosis, treatment and claim processing require close cooperation between the injured person and their medical and legal teams. Only medical care members should make medical decisions although collaboration between care team members can prevent unnecessary medical care that will ultimately be charged to the injured person. If the settlement is insufficient to cover medical costs, it is the patient and medical providers that absorb the loss, not the attorney.