Crash Center for Legal Community

InjureVISIT: Medical Care Initiated at the CrashSITE

InjureVISIT leverages telemedicine technology to provide access for injured persons to medical providers using state-of-the-Art telemedicine technology that provides best practice medical assessment and triage tools on mobile devices. Best practice documentation and treatment recommendations are made by medical providers rather than attorneys or providers with undisclosed conflict of interest.

Medical Treatment Management using Medical Best Practices

Managing the diagnosis, treatment and recovery of an injured person should be holistic and injured person focused. All medical diagnosis and treatment should be provided by experienced and ethical providers that are held accountable for value and continued treatment authorization tied to results. Unproductive treatment trials should be replaced by more effective and efficient methods as measured by objective and subjective metrics of treatment performance. Injured persons have medical best practice resource and control that cannot be ethically provided from their attorney.

Attorney and legal platform and service requirements

Lawyers require situational awareness during the medical evaluation and treatment of clients but are ethically and legally prohibited from managing medical care although attorneys have fiduciary responsibilities to the client.

Secure Transmission of Electronic Medical Records

Secure Unique Record Locators (Secure URL) are leveraged to allow legal community to access and retrieve medical records to which they are authorized using state-of-the Art privacy and security techniques.

Functional requirements of medicolegal services platform

Attorneys must engage HIPAA with patient-signed release, submission of Letter of Protection, retrieval of invoices and radiology reports, monitoring of progress of medical care, requesting medical records, negotiating any required fee reduction, providing case status to providers, notify of litigation or change in reprensemtation status and case closure and payment.

Independent Radiology Readings

A small percentage of personal injury matters progress to litigation and discovery. In those matters, there may be disagreement between the original radiologic interpretation and the rebuttal opinion of the defense hired expert. In those cases, there is need for an independent interpretation from a disinterested party to eliminate potential bias and where both plaintiff and defense contribute equally to the professional service fees.