About Crash.Site Service and Platform

What every person should know after a Crash

Motor vehicle incidents (MVI) are common although few people know what to do after being involved in an MVI. What should i do to assess any injuries and why is it important to consult experienced and ethical medical professionals before contacting attorneys on TV or the side of a VIA bus.

PInjureVisit: Immediate Online Assessment

Persons injured in MVI may have limited mobility or limited transportation or resources as a result of the MVI. InjureVist telemedicine platform in San Antonio is accessible on mobile devices. During an InjureVist, injured persons are assessed for signs and symptoms of significant injuries and medical personnel make recommendations for additional diagnostic testing or treatment.

Who should I trust with my Recovery?

Your life changed in a split second and life changing decisions are required while you are still in shock! Who should I trust with medical and legal decisions during this vulnerable time. Crash.site will introduce a patent pending eRate technology to the personal injury industry to allow injured persons and professionals caring for them to assess the objective and subjective ratings of all participants.